The Urban Dictionary definition of a Dreamwalker:
A lucid dreamer. A person able to take control of or actively determine the path of their own dreams.

The road to fulfilling dreams, punctuated as it often is with peril and pitfalls, is not always easy to navigate. There are rivers to ford and obstacles to surmount. It is no secret that anything that is worth having is earned through toil and deep thought. We at Miss South Africa believe that the ability to succeed in the face of adversity, while staying true to ideals and principles, gives birth to greatness.

#Dreamwalkers don’t give up because someone doesn’t believe in their power of purpose.
#Dreamwalkers stay strong in the pursuit of excellence
#Dreamwalkers are the miracle workers; promise keepers, the light in the darkness.
#Dreamwalkers walk us towards our dreams

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Miss South Africa 2019
Zozibini Tunzi

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