Regionals 2018

13-15 April
Carnival City

13-15 APR 2018

The 3rd regional Miss South Africa 2018 adjudication will take place on 15 April 2018 at Carnival City, Johannesburg.

Pre-registration on Friday and Saturday highly recommended:

  • Due to the expected increase in volume of 2018 entrants, we encourage all hopefuls to pre-register on 13 and 14 April 2018
  • Pre-registration takes place at Canrival City's Sun Park from 09h30 to 17h00
  • Please bring along a hard copy of your completed application form, photographs and necessary supporting documentation as per your entry form
  • You will be allocated a number and group for your audition.

We urge you to attend our Women360 workshops on Saturday 14 April from 12h00:

  • Prior to 2018, only the top 24 finalists were exposed to inspirational speakers, training workshops and topics aimed at self-development
  • All pre-registered entrants will receive complimentary tickets to Women360 Expo
  • Join us at 12h00 - if your friends or mom would like to join, they’re welcome too. Tickets are available at R60 at the door or at
  • Various food stalls and exhibitors will cater for all.

If you were not able to pre-register on Saturday:

  • Please arrive by 07h30 on Sunday, 14 April 2018, proceed to the registration area, hand in your application documentation and you will get allocated a number.
  • Registration stations close at 10h30 due to the regional adjudication being a stage production in front of a live audience.

Buy Additional tickets for your friends and Family

All pre-registered entrants will receive complimentary tickets to attend Women360.

What to Expect This Year

This year the Miss South Africa regional judging forms part of the Women360 Expo where a host of workshops (covering topics such as styling, make-up tips, nutrition and health) will be held in conjunction with information sessions on how to prepare for the judging. Women360 is the first expo of its kind in South Africa and is aimed at women who wish to enrich and enhance their personal and professional lives.

Note: All entrants who pre-register on Friday and Saturday will receive complimentary tickets to attend Women360.

Sunday Auditions
The judging consists of two rounds:

Round 1:

  • All entrants to present cocktail wear;
  • Judging will take place in intervals.

Round 2:

  • Short-listed entrants will compete in the swimwear round;
  • The day ends with the announcement of semi-finalists.

What to Bring to the Auditions

Please ensure that you’re fully prepared for both rounds of judging – including hair, make-up and styling requirements. You should also bring a pair of comfortable shoes as well as a robe should you make it to the swimwear round. Refreshments and light meals will be on sale during the course of the day.

Other Regional Dates

13-15 April

Carnival City

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